Event Childcare can provide you with a mobile crèche at any event

Event Childcare can provide you with a Mobile Crèche at any event.

A Mobile Crèche is a specialist service that offers the most flexible childcare for your special event, family party, function, conference, or product launch and much more.

The concept of a Mobile Crèche is very popular with families with young children and companies expecting younger guests at their event.

A Mobile Crèche managed by Event Childcare is a great option to ensure peace of mind for parents, who have the knowledge that their children are in safe hands with experienced, handpicked Nannies.

The Mobile Crèche always proves to be a popular choice as not only are the children in a safe and fun environment, but they also offer the flexibility that parents are able to visit their children at any time.

The Event Childcare Team, consisting of experienced Wedding and Event Childcare Nannies will arrive at your event venue and create a wonderful safe, creative, and fun environment for children of all ages.

We will transform a room into a fun environment where children will love to be, which will become the setting of the Mobile Crèche.

We will provide a full range of toys, play equipment, and creative activities to keep the children busy at your Event or Wedding.

The Mobile Crèche will include a chill-out space where the children can calm down during a long day.

The Mobile Crèche will also have a place for the children to have meals and snacks too.

The mobile crèche is run for a minimum of 4 hours.

Within this time the children will experience a wide selection of activities organised by the team, including arts, crafts, music and movement, games, sport activities, party games, free play, story time, and role play.

Where possible we like to utilise outdoor space and have the little VIPs running around and playing with the outdoor games.

To create a safe and secure environment for the children, we have a check-in service for the mobile crèche. This means parents will need to complete an Event Childcare Crèche Registration Form with their family details and emergency contacts.

Parents/Carers will be required to sign the children in and out on our register, including creating a password, and at larger events we may also use wristbands.

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Event Childcare would love to be a part of your special day, whatever the occasion.

If you would like to know more please reach out for an informal chat to Lucy/Sophia on 07526 492 505 / info@eventchildcare.co.uk or fill out our request form.

Wedding Events

Childcare at Weddings

Event Childcare can provide you with a mobile crèche at your wedding. Our wedding crèche is a great option to ensure adults at your wedding enjoy their day, whist having peace of mind in the knowledge that their children are being cared for and having fun.

Childcare at Weddings

Sports & Corporate Events

Corporate Event Childcare

Our Mobile Crèche is a specialist service that offers the most flexible childcare for your sporting event.

This means that the main care givers and parents don't need to miss out and they can relax knowing their little ones are being cared for, on site, by the professionals.
sports & corporate events

Corporate Event Childcare